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Insulation and air sealing your home is one of the best ways to weatherize your home and reduce the cost of your utility bills. Every home has specific requirements that need to be taken into consideration when insulating and air sealing. Stellar is a certified insulation contractor and we work directly with the local utility companies to make sure you receive utility rebates when you make the decision to weatherize your home.

The process of insulating your home can be time consuming and difficult. By using Stellar as your certified insulation contractor you not only save through utility rebates, but you save a lot of time which is very valuable to you. We have the expertise and knowledge needed to properly insulate your home and ensure that you get the performance you want for years. Weatherizing means air sealing, proper moisture control, adequate ventilation, and choosing the proper insulation for your specific needs. We've outlined the typical process of insulating your attic below.

Preparation of Attic Insulation
  • Air seal penetrations from living space into attic
  • Install baffles at eaves
  • Install depth rulers
  • Install intake and exhaust ventilation as needed
  • Ventilate bathroom and kitchen fans if needed
  • Weatherize attic access hatch
Installation of Attic Insulation
  • Blow in loose fiberglass or cellulose inside attic to achieve appropriate R Value. Both fiberglass and cellulose are excellent products for insulation.
  • Post insulation certificate documenting company name, areas insulated and insulation type. This is very helpful if your home is ever inspected for energy efficiency or home sale.

You will find additional information on insulating your attic at the U.S. Department of Energy

Please note: Stellar is very aware of the importance of keeping your home's interior clean. All work done will have a drop cloth set up to keep your home and business neat and free from debris.

"These guys did my roof, insulation and windows. Great team, better service!"

- Denver Home Owner
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