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Solar is Reliable, Affordable, and Looks Good!

Simple & Reliable

Reliable - It's now a mainstream product
  • Proven technology - there's little or no maintenance
  • Low risk, 25 year warranties are supported by 40 year history of success
  • The early adopters were successful - government, commercial buildings and schools are now installing it.
Simple - Push unused electricity to the grid
  • It's an appliance that takes 1-2 days to install.
  • Like an appliance, if the grid stops, the appliance stops.
  • We manage the Xcel paperwork and provide documentation for the tax credit.

If your interest is simply installing an array to offset your energy costs, the planning, permitting, ordering and installing takes approximately 4-6 weeks. The final approval to turn the system on is done by your local building department.

Integrated Appearance

Our thoughts on Integrated Appearance
  • Flush to the roof looks better than tilted up.
  • If visible from the street, improved appearance will help your home's resale value.
  • A better looking install will appeal to more people and gain us more referrals. We're willing to do the extra work for you.
  • We will move pipes, vents, etc. You get improved ventilation and appearance for no extra cost.
  • A good design shouldn't cost extra. We are in the business of customizing the solar to your roof and your requests.
  • The major roofing manufacturers are working to launch "Solar Shingles" but they are not yet approved for use. Expect breakthroughs in a couple years.
  • Stellar Solar can simulate the built-in-tile or built-in-shingle as you can see in the Genesee house.
  • We continue to look for applications for Building Integrated PV along the Front Range.


Save money from day 1
  • Pricing is at a record low.
  • Down payment = your federal tax credit
  • The savings are greater than current HELOC loan costs! YOU SAVE MONEY FROM DAY 1!
  • Financing options and lease arrangements are available in place of a HELOC (Home Equity Line Of Credit)
Buy Now - Technology is improving, costs are dropping BUT the rebate will be lower
  • The current technology is fully proven. Waiting for technology breakthroughs only delays your savings.
  • It's not too late to reduce/eliminate this year's tax burden.
Stellar Solar - Designed to be the value leader
  • Modules, inverters and racking from the industry leaders...
  • Low overhead, no subcontractor markups, and modest margin expectations...
  • Customized designs, NABCEP installers, in-house Master Electrician, experienced crew..
  • All result in Stellar making solar AFFORDABLE for you!

"These guys are Top Quality I hired Stellar Energy Contractors to help install my 8.8 KW grid tie solar system at my home in Evergreen. These guys know how to do quality work and are the friendliest bunch of guys. I'd highly recommend them for any Solar Electric installation. Will also be using them shortly for redoing my roof"

- Ben F.
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