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What to Expect During a Roofing Project

Any construction project for your home can be an inconvenience. Knowing what to expect during a roofing project can make the process easier for you, your neighbors, and the contractors. If you are like most customers, this is probably your first experience with reroofing and you are wondering what to expect. Unfortunately, there is no way we can reroof your home without causing you some inconvenience. Our goal is to minimize the inconvenience as much as possible.

Things to do as the homeowner:
  • Communicate: If you have any questions or problems during your roofing job, please contact us immediately. We are customer focused and we will respond to the best of our ability.
  • Fragile items on the walls or ceilings, such as pictures and mirrors or lighting fixtures, may move or even fall. Confirm that those items are securely installed or remove them to ensure their safety during the project. We will assist you in removing and returning those items if you wish.
  • Expect lots of noise. Roofing efforts can be loud, especially inside the house.
  • During summer months, workers will start early and stay late (to optimize work during the cool hours of the day). Please let us know acceptable work hours for your neighborhood.
  • Protect your sprinkler system by clearly marking the sprinkler heads with red tape or string so that we can see them without difficulty. Test sprinklers before and after the work. We avoid sprinkler damage during our work and we shouldn’t have to repair sprinklers that were damaged before our visit.
  • Pieces of old and new roofing materials will fall around the house. Protect special or fragile plants and landscaping ahead of time and let us know any specific areas of concern.
  • We clean daily but there is always the chance of a stray nail or falling debris. Always announce your presence when outside in the yard.
  • Electrical, telephone, security, and air conditioning lines should not be installed directly underneath the roof deck. If you are aware of any such lines, we must be notified for our safety and to prevent unintended damage.
  • Our disposal trailers and delivery trucks will need driveway access. There may also be nails in the driveway prior to clean-up. Please avoid using your driveway during work hours or let us know your schedule so that we can accommodate your plans.
  • Debris may fall through your lath, or decking, into the attic area. We suggest covering or removing any items which require protection.
What to expect from us:
  • Traffic will increase due to supplies being delivered, workers arriving and leaving, and dump trucks removing debris. We may put a door hanger on your neighbors’ doors to warn them of the additional traffic. As a courtesy, we will provide our contact information in case they have any specific requests.
  • Placing a job sign on your property will provide contact information for our company.  We are proud of this job and the work that we do.
  • The roofing noise is loud enough. We will not play music nor generate other unnecessary disturbances.
  • Our work hours are 8:00 am to 6:30 pm. We may arrive a half hour early to set up or stay a half hour late to clean up. We are guests in your neighborhood and we will revise our schedule upon request.
  • We plan to bring and remove a dump trailer daily so that we can there is minimal disruption outside work hours. The dump trailer is much less likely to cause driveway damage than a roll-off dumpster. Unfortunately, there are events outside our control and we may need to leave the dump bin in your driveway overnight.
  • There will be a thorough clean up of your yard daily. We use a magnet to pick up any metal or nails that fall around the premises.
  • If you have low hanging tree or shrub branches over your roof, some trimming may be necessary. Our staff will only cut those limbs, which limit our ability to do an efficient and workmanlike job. In some cases, you may prefer to have the tree or trees trimmed by professionals before we begin our job.
  • We remove and re-install satellite dishes or antennas up to 10 feet in height, but we cannot be responsible for internal wire damage. Satellite dishes are removed and reattached to the roof in exactly the same place unless otherwise requested.
  • There are building codes for minimum attic ventilation. We will add vents as required, without additional cost.

"These guys were awesome! From the beginning they were very straight forward & HONEST about our new roof. We just bought our first home & they made the experience wonderful! Professional, honest, trustworthy & the price was perfect! Can't get any better then that! Will recommend to everyone we know!"

- Denver Home Owner
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