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Types of Home Energy Diagnostics

We offer two levels of energy diagnostics:

1. Standard Diagnostic
  • The Standard Diagnostic will: Analyze your energy use.
  • Give you information on energy-saving measures with potential costs and estimated savings.
  • Provide a blower door diagnostic test.
  • Perform a furnace efficiency and combustion safety test.
  • Provide a natural draft and worst-case depressurization test if the home has atmospherically-vented appliances.
2. Expanded Diagnostic

In addition to all of the services available in the Standard Diagnostic, the Expanded Diagnostic will also include:

  • An infiared camera inspection to further pinpoint the location of heat loss and air leaks
  • A report with infrared camera pictures emailed to you.
What specifically does each diagnostic provide?
Description Standard Expanded
Discuss customer concerns and initial questions in an interview. Orange Check Mark Orange Check Mark
Review annual gas usage regarding heating, domestic hot water (DHW) and other uses of natural gas in your home. Orange Check Mark Orange Check Mark
Measure DHW temperature and adjust as necessary. Orange Check Mark Orange Check Mark
Check furnace filter and provide a reminder care with your filter size on it. Orange Check Mark Orange Check Mark
Assess heating system, water heater, and other gas appliance replacement and clean-n-tune options and needs. Orange Check Mark Orange Check Mark
Inspect the thermal envelope of your home, diagnose and provide recommendations for improvements to attics, sidewalls, windows/doors, etc. Orange Check Mark Orange Check Mark
Prepare written report including all appropriate documentation. Orange Check Mark Orange Check Mark
Provide fact sheets, rebate applications, financing options, 800#s & websites, tax credit information, etc. Orange Check Mark Orange Check Mark
Perform a blower door diagnostics test to identify air leaks. Orange Check Mark Orange Check Mark
Perform a combustion safety (carbon monoxide) and furnace efficiency test. Orange Check Mark Orange Check Mark
Perform a draft-only worst case test (measure how furnace operation is affected by exhaust fans, clothes dryer, etc.) in homes with atmospherically vented appliances. Orange Check Mark Orange Check Mark
Perform an infrared scan to identify areas of heat loss through walls and attics (Weather dependent = available only in the winter months).   Orange Check Mark
Provide an infrared diagnostic report with pictures and recommendations e-mailed to you.   Orange Check Mark
Do you need an energy diagnostic?

For some homes, our Standard Diagnostic is sufficient. For others, there can be significant benefit in having a Performance Diagnostic. If you have already had a Standard Diagnostic and are still having energy issues in your home, a Performance Diagnostic could be what you need. Or, if you notice two or more of the following in or around your home, our Energy Diagnostic may be for you.

  • Ice dams on the roof.
  • Moisture or frost in the attic.
  • Mold or moisture spots on interior walls.
  • Condensation on your windows.
  • Stains around ceiling exhaust fan(s).
  • Cold spots in areas of the house.
  • Inadequate or older insulation.

We are in the Energy Diagnostic business to reduce your energy usage. You will be credited for any diagnostic fees if we are selected as the contractor to perform the recommended retrofits. Additionally, there are no diagnostic fees if the diagnostic is performed to confirm or “test out” the retrofit work.

"They did a great job. Stellar was easy to work with, very knowledgeable and flexible in terms of scheduling!"

- Denver Home Owner
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