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Why Use Stellar for your Denver Energy Specialist?

Energy savings mean saving money while enjoying a more comfortable home. Stellar Energy Contractors is the only company that takes all of the pieces of home energy diagnostics and integrates them into one understandable system that fits your unique needs. We will be your guide through the world of residential energy savings. We provide integrated solutions for a more comfortable home and significant savings on your energy cost. It all starts with a home energy diagnostic.

Energy Management doesn’t have to be complicated - it can be divided into three areas.

1) Home Energy Diagnostics. Whole-House Approach to Energy Efficiency

If you wish to solve comfort problems and/or reduce your energy bills, Stellar home energy diagnostics will help. A BPI - Building energy specialist will make an in-home visit and provide energy efficiency suggestions to improve the comfort, durability, safety and affordability of your home. During the home energy diagnostic, the energy specialist will:

  • Analyze your home through a comprehensive "House as a System" energy efficiency diagnostic
  • Answer your specific questions about energy use in your home
  • Review your utility bill to understand how much energy your home uses
  • Provide recommendations and cost saving analysis, prioritized to show you where you'll get the most savings.
2) Energy Monitoring. Start measuring to start saving.

With our monitoring systems you can see real time energy usage throughout your home. Turn off one light and see the savings in real time. You will be able to see and reduce your energy costs 24-7, and our systems are simple and require no monthly subscriptions. Monitoring pays for itself and puts you in control of your energy bill.

Energy Monitoring
3) Energy Control. Home Automation and Control

Our home automation systems can control your homes lights, daylight lighting, the position of your window shades, small appliances, your homes temperature, and virtually anything that needs electricity to operate. With our Home Automation you can control everything from your personal computer, or iPad ®, from anywhere in the world you can connect.

Tablet ControlEnergy Monitoring

IT ALL STARTS with a simple and low cost home or business energy diagnostic. The results will allow us to custom design a comprehensive program to save you a huge amount of money on your energy costs.

"They did a great job. Stellar was easy to work with, very knowledgeable and flexible in terms of scheduling!"

- Denver Home Owner
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